The horses
baby poney sous le Mont Ventoux entre Vaison la Romaine et Buis les Baronnies

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84340 Vaucluse

Camping Trois Rivières

Horses of Ranch des Trois Rivières
My happy and generous horses live on the prairie all year

chevaux du centre equestre de Entrechaux

At the Trois Rivières
equestrian centre, experienced riders will appreciate the fine gait,
of the horses, while beginner will feel safe on them.


Chevaux centre equestre trois rivieres

I don’t prefer any particular breed of horse; it’s the individual that counts for me.
I have many breeds, including several Anglo-Arabians and Barbs, a Camargue and an
All of them are obedient, in excellent shape, spirited and properly trained to do

what I expect of them.

chevaux centre equestre Ventoux entre Veaison la Romaine et Buis les Baronnies

I take great care to ensure
my horses are in good spirits:
a horse needs to be happy
if it is to work in harmony
with its rider, so I want
contented, surefooted horses.

Ranch Les Trois Rivières - Horseback rides in Vaucluse and Drôme near the Mont Ventoux
in Entrechaux, at the crossing of Vaison la Romaine, Buis les Baronnies and Malaucène